We babysat our niece Bree on Saturday. She’s about one and a half. Fed her too. When her mom Julie dropped her off she said (I think?) something about how Bree sometimes likes to use the utensils herself. We took that literally and just let her go for it. See below…


Hopefully you’ve been exposed to Dancing Matt before – I’m not sure how you could have missed his quirky viral videos showing his treks across the world over the past few years.  This is his most recent video, and thanks to Stride Gum, he gets to keep on trekking.  I’m jealous.




As the Beijing Summer Olympics get closer, the media coverage of life in the country is in full effect.  It provides us great recollection of how foreign the culture is in every sense of the word.  We experienced some very memorable and strange things as we traveled through, which we chronicled right here (just click on the China category).

One of the main sources for adventure was eating in China.  From hot pot to hello banana to tea houses to what-the-heck-is-that-and-is-it-cooked.  Well, this article from Trend Hunter illustrates the (sad) trend and often overlooked elements of an Olympics effect on the host country: the watering down and smoothing over of culture shock.  In this case the food.

In the interest of feeding the incoming hordes, the organizing committee for the Beijing Olympics have had to deal with the translation of restaurant menus into English. The process was contentious, requiring many rounds of discussions in order to come up with an official translation list for restaurants in book form. Nationalistic ire has already erupted over the bland linguistic makeovers. One internet commenter said “I don’t like this new naming method, it’s abandoning Chinese tradition. There are many stories in the names of these dishes.” Indeed.

If they were going to spend some effort here, I’d rather see them dial up the quality of things like, you know, running water – which even the citizens of the country can’t drink without boiling.  Yeah tea!

Ran across this video called Sounds of Chinatown on Rocketboom while surfing my Feed Reader.  Reminded me how great it is to simply listen to the sounds of life around you, especially when you’re traveling.  

One thing I’ve learned about promotions from Michael is that when it comes to contests, someone always wins.  I entered a contest sponsored by Electrolux to win a $50,000 dream kitchen and am aiming to be that someone.  Can you imagine how sweet (and green) an induction cooktop would be?!!? 

I need for you to vote for me so I can seal the deal.  I know how many silent, noncommenting blog visitors we have, and I’m really really hoping you guys pull through for me.

Visit this site to cast your vote (super easy, no registration required):


We hit 100 degrees this week, and it’s not even June.  We’re in for a long, hot summer.  To prepare, Erin installed a new fan (seen in the background), and I had to amend the volume of hair on my head and face with a summer cut and a shave.  Not a complete shave, mind you.  My friends at TPN and I started a tradition last year around this time of “Creepy Mustache Day” – so I pay tribute with my 2008 version.  No offense to any fans of the upper lip hair; all mustaches look creepy on me.  That’s all I’m saying.  Don’t you agree?

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Went to see Radiohead at the legendary Starplex in Fair Park.  It’s not called that anymore, thanks to corporate branding (for which this marketer can’t really complain too much).  But it did bring back some memories of that outdoor amphitheater at which I saw some good shows growing up.

I used to sit back there (left), in the grass with the rest of general admission. Cheaper.

I guess I’ve matured with age, because we found ourselves in the seats this time (right)… my first time. (Thanks Mike)

Radiohead is one of my all-time favorite bands, and they hadn’t been to Dallas in 10 years.  That’s a long time.  So there was quite the frenzy around the whole Sunday night gig.  And they didn’t disappoint.  The stage set was incredible, with countless tubes surrounding the band and reflecting light.  Even the digital projection of the band was cooler than usual, a duotone of interesting camera angles and cropped-in drama.  And the music… fantastic!  As expected, the band played every song from their new album, In Rainbows.  To my surprise, they played some golden cuts from earlier albums, OK Computer and The Bends.  Check out one of my favorite songs ever, “Fake Plastic Trees”

This gives you a better impression of the stage set-up. I swear this segment may have been filmed from our row as I recognize the angle and some arm dancing sillouettes.