Erin and MichaelMy name is Erin and my husband is Michael. We got married in August 2006.

I’m a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas, and spend a lot of time working on our house.  You can read about my projects and read my stories in print on my other blog, Hands On.

I took the blog header photo at Cadillac Ranch. It’s right outside my hometown of Amarillo, Texas. I’ve been lucky to live in Austin, New York City, Chicago and for a very brief and adventurous time, London.


6 Responses to “About Erin”

  1. Dee Markowitz Says:

    When we were kids, Stanley Marsh used to let us polish the Clydesdale’s toenails, and when we were teenagers he’d loan us the yellow hearse to go to the drive in. Sometimes I miss Stanley, but I never miss Amarillo…thus have never actually seen Cadillac Ranch first hand. Your picture makes one realize how much it looks like the heads of Easter Island! This is wonderful for you, Erin…I wish you and Michael many excellent adventures and will check the blog from time to time to make sure you’re having them 🙂 Best…Dee

  2. Sara Says:

    I was lucky enough to live with Erin in both Austin and New York. We had a lot of fun living it up as single ladies, but now we are older and married. I hope Erin and Michael take full advantage of their travels and the fact that they get to take time off from work!

  3. Steven and Melina Says:

    Erin and Mike:

    Loong time no speak…Just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello. Your names recently came up in conversation, as Joshua Schwalbe (Erin, your fave ex-CSFB’r) is getting married and has decided to honeymoon in New Zealand…and of course, will be doing Routeburn…I gave him the link to your blog, since my explanation and pictures would pale in comparison.

    Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. Melina and I great. Actually, Melina is due in 3 weeks(yikes)…so we are preparing the apartment, our lives, etc. for the new arrival. Other than that, we’re both working (zzzzzz) and trying to enjoy NYC as much as possible before we are beholden to our child’s schedule…

    Drop a line if you get a chance. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon…

  4. Fabio Says:

    Mike, been a looooooooooooong time bro! So, i will begin from when i last received an email from you, and lead you to what i am up to now.

    As you know, I had planned a trip to Cuba, which i did do. It was awesome! I flew to Varadero and as everyone else from the plane got onto a bus from one of the various resorts, I sat outside the airport in earnest, waiting for a bus to come and pick me up to take me to Havana. Once i got to Havana, i got a taxi to take me to a “casa familiar”, their version of
    B&B’s. Essentially, the government, a few years ago, decided to let people rent out rooms in their houses for foreigners. The govt of course saw this as a money making opportunity, as they taxed the earnings made from the rentals. Anyway, it was a great way to hang out with locals and eat good food, and really see and experience how life really was. The family was great, and the food even better. I also got in contact with a good friend of a colleague of mine from where i taught in Montreal last summer, and she took me around and introduced me to all her friends. Funny, my first night we went to see Pulp Fiction (I had never seen this movie before), in this old theatre that felt like i was in the 1960’s. It was incredible. I was the only non-Cuban there. After having had loads of fun in Havana, and being shown around by the lovely Anna-Maria, I headed north to Vinales, supposedly the most beautiful place on the island, where they grow the tobacco for the cigars. It was amazing, and on the bus there, i met a Spanish women, an agricultural engineer, Lu. We decided to get a place together, again, a “casa familiar”. We went walking in the nearby hills, called “mogotes” or “haystacks” in Engish, as that is what they look like. Then we took a daytrip to this beautiful island, where the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear turquoise water coexisted in a multicultral bliss. I did however get badly sunburnt! Back to Havana and my last night there. I met up with Anna-Maria and I took my new Spanish friend Lu with me. We went to a local bar where one of Anna-Maria’s friend’s was playing with his band. Amazing. So much dancing and drinking, stayed up all night. I had so much fun! Then to the bus station where Lu and I split up, as I returned to Varadero for my last night, to stay at one of those vaunted resorts. It was by far the least interesting night of my week-long trip, but also relaxing as i was very hungover! All in all, i had a great time, and my Spanish was better than I had originally thought, even after having lived in South America for two years.

    Back to school and hard work followed. I just finished exams this past Wednesday. I am moving into my own little apt next to the University on Sunday. It’s a shoebox, but it will do until i finish my Education degree in two years. Heck, I am student. Then, on Monday, I leave for Kenya. Yep, nine weeks in Africa, through Uganda, Rwanda, and possibly a short stop in the Congo (DRC) if i am brave enough. Then over to Tanzania to do some volunteer work with the Tanzania Children’s Fund, My friend’s brother in NYC helped set this program up a few years ago, and I am looking forward to helping out. I will be there for the last three weeks of my trip.

    Have a few ideas of what i want to do beforehand, but travelling alone is stressful, as you know, and the security situation a bit worrying; all the elements of adventure. I do plan on going to Rwanda and seeing the endangered mountain gorillas, and going white-water rafting in Uganda, at the source of the Nile (apparently the best rafting in the world according to the Lonely Planet guide).

    When i return, I will be teaching English to international teenagers, as i did last summer.

    So, there is me. I bought a digital camera (finally) a few days ago, so i will be posting pics on my site, Check it out for my Cuba photos as well. Are you on facebook by any chance?

    I had a look at your blog! Wow! Congrats on the new company. How is business going? How is Erin doing?

    Give me an update, and I will keep you posted on my adventures. Later buddy!

  5. Leon Lecrone Says:

    I think I left another comment on your blog a few minutes ago but I’m not sure if it went through. Anyway I would just like to say thank you for the great blog, I will be coming back regularly.

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