Wigs and Wine – Erin and Michael, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

We were recently invited to a themed dinner party hosted by Nathan and Misty at their home in south Dallas. “Wigs and Wine” were shared by 12 of us over a tasty meal.

We have several other photos on Flickr from the occasion. We got our inspiration from John Adams, as we have been trying to finish the recent HBO mini series. Erin rented them from a local costume and stage prop shop, and little she know, the renter is also a history buff. My white revolutionary era hair piece would be more indicative of a wig later in John Adams’ life. Who knew? My question: Could John Adams ever pull off that stunning bearded gaze and Kohl’s shirt?

Erin rocked the party with her seriously cool Marie Antionette look, including make-up and fashion mole.

I like me a good wig party, or as was mentioned several times in reference to me, the “Whig” party. The Dungo’s, our friends in Chicago, threw some serious wig parties at bars to celebrate birthdays. Good times. It’s low-commitment, but with the creative fun of a costume party.

What’s your wig of choice?