Perhaps you remember last year at this time we posted this video entitled on YouTube as “The Largest Weed Ever?”

Since then, it has racked up 3,300 views on YouTube as a publicly displayed video, second only to the Hot Pot video from our trip.  Why a favorite? The ever popular search term weed among the YouTubers out there.  Positions my video right next to the Largest Bong Ever!

(the marketer in me might point out the importance of picking search terms, qualified traffic and blah blah blah… but that’s a topic for a different blog I’ve been working on)

It’s interesting opening up your life for mass public display on blogs and social networks like Flickr, Facebook and even YouTube.  People read, subscribe and comment, good and bad.  These strangers are empowered to interact in your life.  Amazing really.  

Erin and I thought this comment chain of realization was pretty good… scroll down below the video for a chuckle.