I just love this time of year.  Other than football season, April is a convergence of great competition and special events for many sports I love.  

Like the Texas Ranger’s home opener – is there a better reason to ditch work for the afternoon?  I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but opening day is an American institution.  Mike invited me to his annual tailgate with a couple hundred friends.  Beer, dogs, laughs and oh yeah, baseball.

Like the beginning of the hockey playoffs – there is no more intense sport or atmosphere during the playoffs. And my Stars actually look good this year.  Lots of promise!

Like NBA basketball playoffs and the Dallas Mavericks.  They made it by the skin of their teeth.  May not be much happening with this team in May, so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Let’s see, there’s also The Masters, which finishes up today. The live coverage catches some choice comments from the golfers (close your ears kids) and the gallery (like a Tiger fan yelling “Butt” at a bad shot… strange).

Want more? Well, NASCAR also came through Texas Motor Speedway and The Byron Nelson Golf Tourney is in a couple of weeks.  Good times.