It’s not just about knowing thyself these days.  The information superhighway has put ridiculous (and sometimes relentless) amounts of information at society’s fingertips.  Some of it you want known; some you don’t.  


I was recently turned on to Google Alerts by Erin through our big idea friend, Jeff.  It’s a Google search service that’s not unlike my most favorite feed reeder 2007.  It automatically notifies you of activity based upon certain search terms.  So naturally, I put a flag on my name, Erin’s name and my business, Ignite Partnership.  (website coming soon!)  That way when all the accolades and man-I-wish-I-was-him’s get posted in cyberspace, I’ll know.  Knowledge is power, people.


Well, I’m not quite there yet.  And I may never be, as I’m finding out the Michael and Mike (sorry Mom) Covert’s of the world are making some things happen.


Did you know, Michael Covert has:

Represented some serious health industry interests as a CEO in San Diego…

(Nice balance of venturing into Second Life, but not digging the honesty attack.  Watch it Michael, you’ve got a name to protect here.)


Surely by now, even if you don’t alert yourself, you’ve Googled your name.  What an adventure!  Michael Covert has also:

Met the first family Prez. Bush (during a critical moment following 9/11…)

Directed some movies with Jennifer Tilly including Dirt – still waiting to hit it big.  I know the feeling…


It’s important to define yourself on the internet, else someone will for you.  So get cracking.  My wife Erin and her online contributions are prime examples, keeping her actual adventures at the top of the search list.  Doing good things for the Covert name.


Side note for this exercise: My friend Tim once had a great idea for a personalized gift: give someone a Google image T-shirt.  Google someone’s name, download a corresponding image, and wah-lah, you have a great iron-on for a one-of-a-kind shirt. (Disclaimer: watch the trademark infringement!)

That was a few years ago.  Now I might end up with this beauty referring to a Floridian and fellow Jesuit alumnus:

Go ahead, comment and insert your Covert T-shirt caption.  But be careful what you say, I’m also an apparent motorcycle enthusiast from Shreveport and a sword fencing expert to boot.