Well, my first week on my own is behind me.  It was a strange sensation.  Exciting. Scary.  And a little out of sorts, honestly.  We were plenty busy in week 1, and for that I count my lucky stars.  I hope it continues as we move into our new office shortly. (Blog tour to come).   In the meantime, I look back on my time with TPN very fondly.  The last couple of weeks were very difficult.  I’ve never been good at goodbye; perhaps that’s a reason I don’t say it very often. I never wrote much about work on this blog, but anyone that knows me knows TPN was a big part of my life for more than 8 years.  It all has to do with the people, who were each inspiring and special in his/her own way.  All of the teams at TPN were very special to me. I consider myself lucky to have friends across the country.  2232285986_339febe44c.jpg  The people really made it for me.  Everything from the after-work happy hours like the one above…  to daily lunches in office… 2246851551_0f762f7e6e.jpg to those fun and creative brainstorms… 2246852003_3d0bac7b1c.jpgto making marketing magic happen night in and night out.  (check out that view from the Dallas office).2189846419_047d179227_m.jpg  Hopefully Tripp and I can create a dynamic atmosphere of our own over time with Ignite Studios.  We know it takes balls.  I’m hoping for a little luck, too.2231493485_ef69e1c8ff.jpg