Didn’t that used to be the name of a tv show or something?  

Well, contrary to popular belief, Erin and I have not just been sitting around the house lamenting a year gone by since our big world adventure.   The adventures have simply changed in scope a bit.  Proof? ROAD TRIP! 2219130985_0d942af059.jpg We hit the Texas Hill country a couple of weekends ago.  Thanks to Dr. King, we had a long weekend to turn an out of town wedding into a central Texas adventure.  And we rode in fuel-saving style.   south-park-toyonda-pious-hybrid-1.jpg  

First stop: San Antonio.  About 5 hours south on the interstate.  Our favorite new device told us how to get there. review-nuvi660.jpg

We were there to see true San Antonio love bloom.  My friend Kristen tied the knot.  After an obligatory stroll along the River Walk, we hit the wedding.  Beautiful.  2212736993_fbc97d0c18.jpg

Better yet, my sis Julie joined in the fun. 2212735865_d8afac239c_m.jpg


The next morning, we headed out of San Antone.  Along the way, we saw a line of cars down the block next to this unsuspecting breakfast joint:2219923368_85d2fe0c52_m.jpg

Nothing like a crowd to attract a crowd.  So, yeah, we stopped in to find…

delectible donuts: 2219129715_88b80e70fe_m.jpg 


AND tasty breakfast tacos from people who know themselves some breakfast tacos: 2219922618_dcf0ddb2e9_m.jpg

Stuffed, we headed towards Fredericksberg, a little German town nestled in the hills.  We had a B&B waiting for us after a quick visit at Roger’s ranch in Willow City. 2213535458_981fa9b829.jpg

Roger is the founder of my soon-to-be former employer.  He’s back at home on the land with his other staff:

Cows, led by the always-chill James Dean.2212743677_20f087ee13.jpg  

Miniature donkeys, always traveling in herd: 2212741609_ec72be01fd.jpg

And special delight, the llamas.  Sadly, none were named Tina.2212738973_9be4ac5b7e.jpg  

They received good care.2213534436_73c419eb85_m.jpg 

After a good dose of country scenery, we headed back into town for a little small-town street stroll.  Boutiques, shops and some german beers greeted us. 2213541130_bcb629276f_m.jpg 

The next day, we headed back to big D.  BBQ was a necessary stop in Llano.2212752445_fab20cf9bc_m.jpg Which car above does not belong?

We walked up to an oversized grill and picked our meats.2213547034_43a35f40181.jpg 

They slapped it down on a tray, and prepped it before paying.  Now that’s country.2213547292_bda018ec88.jpg 

And we sat down among watchful country folk.2212753225_f31df3602b_m.jpg

They weren’t the only ones watching… 2212753365_7d1f3fd35e_m.jpg

A few hours later, we pulled back into the city.  Yee-haaa!