So, Erin and I have been trying to eat out less. a. Erin’s a great chef. b. saving money never hurts.

However, when we answer the call for a culinary excursion, we’re attempting to venture out into new territories in the metroplex. Otherwise, we go to our same ol’ favorite places – not too exciting. Erin used to keep track of our progress on local top 100 restaurants lists in Chicago and New York. We’re attempting to make a dent in the Dallas 100 too.

Our adventure in cuisine also applies to take-out or casual dining, too, which is where I ran into this gem while waiting for some tasty Chinese food. Someone is apparently playing some serious, disgusting jokes on these poor people. Posted on the bathroom door:

This is a cry for help, three times over. Maybe it’s time for a new location, rather than being a few blocks from the lower Greenville bar district.

Or, maybe their trash can looks like the toilet.

Next time I’m going drive-thru.