Well, I’ve been a bit of a ghost on the ol’ blog lately. Of course, I have excuses for not writing. They aren’t very original or good: work, life and so-on. Seeing as though it’s Halloween, I thought you should see how we celebrated for a quick post.


Erin took me and Emjay to a house party in Oak Cliff over the weekend. It was hosted by a creative couple, one of whom she works with. That only makes me more proud to have won the “Funniest Costume” category and a fine bottle of wine.(I’d like to thank Miller Brewing Co., the marketing department at Miller Brewing Co., the fine artists who designed the costume and whoever thought of using poster board to make the bottle neck stand straight.) It was a nice way to cap off a fun evening of small talk, punch, crazy costumes and an aggressive smoke machine.

My costumed associates, including lifesatrip herself:

Erin only thought the Chicago wig-gig was a one time thing – that pink wig came in handy in Dallas as it instantly turned her into Run Lola Run!

And Emjay sported an authentic outfit direct from Chinatown and protected us all evening with moves to make Uma jealous:

Good times. My favorite costumes of the evening (sorry, didn’t take any actual pics – the camera phone wasn’t working too well).

The Dude from Big Lebowski: (Elizabeth, nice work)

A Character, complete with bleeding flesh and bird toys attached, from The Birds movie: