Fall is here, and my sportscenter deep inside is rejoicing. That’s because football is back in full swing this weekend as both my Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys will take the field regularly. This is no ordinary event – it’s almost like my natural body rhythm has accomodated this phenom over the years, and my reactions are practically involuntary at this point.

Differences you should expect:

No more indifference to TV watching (sorry Erin). I am likely to tune into morning sports shows like ESPN College Gameday, and likely to cap my weekend evenings with local news. I am equally likely to engage in marathon sitting sessions on the couch any given weekend afternoon, flipper in hand and movement only for the occasional frosty beverage, salty snack or repositioning to accomodate impromtu naps.

Enthusiasm for melding social activities with game-watching – like this UT gathering at Vickery Park bar in Dallas. That’s Mike, showing his allegence.

Unnatural interest in players and teams no one should like under normal conditions. Fantasy football is reality now, and my teams are ready to go. And we mean business – check out the intesnsity of our 3 hour draft session from the war room. Yes, that’s the draft board and its multicolor greatness.

Exceptional interest in the daily newspaper. Got to stay on top of all the football drama from kick off to kick off, weekend to weekend. Do not steal my paper – consider yourself warned…

Good times are here. I think it’s safe to say you’ll know where to find me in the coming weeks.

And my sports bounty is only growing, as basketball and hockey are right around the corner – gravy for my fall feast, if you will.

Happy kick-off weekend to you!