I’m a little behind on my blogging, but last weekend Erin and I spent a few days in our favorite city, New York, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. My how time flies. As luck might have it, I also had a business trip to the region following the weekend, which made for a longer visit. Good times.

Erin left early in the day on Friday, and I was going to meet her in Manhattan after finishing work in Dallas. But the storms intervened. I knew I was in trouble when Erin called to tell me her earlier flight landed in another city because LGA was closed. At that time, there was no word my flight would be delayed. So, I got a head start to the neighboring Friday’s while everyone else awaited the inevitible announcement. TGIF…


Bellied up to the seating area with about 2 hours to kill (at least). It was Friday; my mind was spent from a long week; what to do?

So I decided to do nothing. Turned off the iPod. Ordered a beer. And thought it might be fun to simply track the ambling of my mind.


So, interesting or not, here are the headlines in order for the trip my mind took on Friday in terminal C.

– Do I look that goofy with my bluetooth earpiece on? They are getting smaller and snazzier, looking more and more like decorative accessories than tech tools. The airport is full of them. And no matter how small/snazzy they get, it still makes anyone look pompous and self-important. Maybe I shouldn’t use one. Honestly, it makes talking on the phone much more pleasant. Perhaps I should implant one inside my ear, and just pull on my earlobe to activate…


– Why does this ad for the Razr bother me so much? It’s really goofy. I mean, the Razr and the cut tie – fine, I get it. But the model – what’s up, Moto? The vending machines, adorning this ad, offers airport goers instant communication devices. Pick your phone, bluetooth or charger, all ready for talking. Good thing too – we’re all stuck at the airport…


– There must be some serious demand for metal detector and scanner repair at airports. My last 4 trips to DFW have featured at least 1 broken scanner AND detector at security. Not a big deal, UNLESS the broken contraptions are 1 of 2 in the major airport artery. It’s nonsense. Get it fixed. Perhaps that’s my big idea – emergency repair service. ITT Tech, I’m calling.

– Will the 70’s ever go back out of style? I hope not. I wish she was our attendant – but wait, we don’t have a plane…


– Are airports the ultimate melting pot? Look at all the people from different walks of life. Lots of languages; lots of dress; lots of everything walking this terminal. Only one could be better – the NYC subway. It’s a slice of life world-over in one car:


– Cabbies in major cities are pretty good for brushing against the world too. Would I have spoken to anyone from Senegal otherwise, if not my fortunate cab in Chicago at 4:45 am last week? He as very nice and loved himself some Texas. Houston was his lone experience. Poor soul.


– Why can’t restaurants have airport departure screens? Got get my lazy butt up to see if we’ve been delayed further. I like using Orbitz.com – they send you a text for every gate/time change. Oh TLC, gotta go back to that.

– Have I ever met a fried food that I didn’t like? It’s the most wonderous way to turn anything edible and uniquely tasty. Like “sweetbreads” (animal innards) at York Street with the Johnsons during restaurent week. Or, my fried mac and cheese. TGIF.


– When did we all get so fat? It’s getting to the point where you can point out Americans from other world travelers walking down the terminal. Maybe it has something to do with my comment on fried.

– Nice hummer backback, kid. It’s like a small hummer drove up on your back – wheels and all. I would love that if I was a kid. And some call it shameless marketing. I bet his classmates don’t think so.

– What a sad state of affairs for our society. Suing flowers.com for accidentally outing your affair by sending a you a thank you note for your order. Next time, pay cash, loser. Or better yet, don’t have an affair. Mental anguish – I credit the ambulance chaser for getting creative.

At that point I decided to be productive. Turned on some music and read some stuff. More to come. Thanks for riding with me.