Haven’t felt inspired by much over the past couple of weeks. Nothing has happened that I felt worthy of a full blog post. But, a weblog without the log ain’t much. So here we go: my writer’s block of random thoughts:

Random topic 1:
I’m a big fan of jukeboxes at bars. Drop in a few bucks and create a personal soundtrack for the round. Several years ago, I noticed some of the traditional music machines were being replaced by digital ones in NYC and Chicago. At first, I was impressed by all the lights and buttons…
But in the end, they let me down. I don’t like them for several reasons: 1. They entice you with wide variety of albums on the touchscreen, only to be disappointed by the fact each album has only 2 or 3 songs available. The hits, if you will. Well, I want the whole album! False advertising if you ask me 2. The pricing structure is smart, I’ll admit, but it really ticks me off when some drunk breaks up my string of selections by purchasing the right to “Play It Now” for twice the price. 3. Because I’m now 31 and going through an anti-technology phase. Short-lived I’m sure.

I do give a pass to one digital jukebox I came across in Alice Springs, Australia. This outback staple, Bojangles Saloon, had a video jukebox. Pick an artist and song, and the music was accompanied by video on all the bar tv’s. Haven’t seen it here yet…

Random topic 2:
(Let me preface by saying I understand how lucky I am to be able to walk in to a medical office and get reasonable treatment) How come Dr. office waiting rooms are always so boring? And stagnant? Also, is there a worse site than walking in to a waiting area where every seat is filled? Says two things: you’re stuck putting the wait in waiting room, and it’s a germ party.

It’s the same abroad. Saw a Dr. in Wellington, New Zealand, at a walk-in clinic. Similarly crawling with dirty, loud kids and the I’m-that-loud-guy-on-my-cell-phone-in-a-common-area guy. We all know that guy. Why won’t that guy let us wait in peace?

Random topic 3:
I’m really looking forward to the football season. It has been the longest summer for having no local sports action to speak of. Unfortunately, it’s off to an unusual start. The only news coming from my Texas Longhorns is in connection to criminal players. When did they turn into the Miami Hurricanes?

We need some tough love down in Austin. It boggles my mind why these athletes with everything going for them will do things like rob apartments with a dose of aggravated assault. Can’t you buy your own nintendo when you get your NFL paycheck? I still hope some of these arrests are bogus and we’ll have some players left for opening day.