My work-related tunnel vision might be the cause, but does anyone know what’s going on with Taipei? Way back when, I blogged about sister cities. (Is it bad blog behavior to ping yourself?) I referenced many world destinations including Taipei.

This week, in spite of my blog inactivity, I’ve noticed the hits going way up. And it has been driven by searches for Taipei. All in the course of this week. Something’s going on.

So I attempted to satisfy my curiosity with my own search on Taipei… and here are the candidates. Riveting stuff, I know. Amazing what you can find out in 15 minutes thanks to the information superhighway.


Perhaps it’s the fact President Chen is trying hard to convince the UN for representation under the name Taiwan.


Perhaps, there’s some stirring about Chen’s potential stoppover in the U.S. on the way to Central America. DFW and a Lone Star stop, maybe? We’ve got a pretty cool international terminal… and some darn good barbecue.


I think we missed Wikimania 2007. Sadly.


My candidate is the Taipei 101 (named for its 101 floors), which has been recently overshadowed by a taller skyscraper in Dubai.


Sorry Taipei, but you’ve got a few months left to boast about the size of your building.

In the meantime, if you’ve read this far, perhaps you too are world news deprived. Maybe you should start a blog!