Had to good fortune to go back to one of my favorite domestic destinations last week.


And, I happily crossed paths with my buddy Rich, who was doing his business thing in the Tri-state area too. We went out with some of his co-workers on Wednesday, first meeting downstairs at the lounge at the W Lexington.


Aside from the expected W decor and beautful people, it was anything but what I like to think represents their “Whatever. Whenever” service. They may never call me a patron again, as I’m not a big fan of feeling like it’s my privilege to be among the hotel staff. But I digress…

We ventured first to Patsy’s restaurant, a family suggestion from Rich – his grandfather and father, both italian, swore by it. I must say, it was quite tasty. Have you ever had a veal rollatine marsala. Two words:
“Like Butta”

Then we headed over to a bar overlooking Columbus Circle in the newer Time Warner building at 59th.

The bar was pretty cool. Unmarked bathrooms. Pricey drinks. Beautiful people (they are everywhere in the city). And this view:


Since it was a school night, we headed home early. Luckily Mike taught me some yiddish words on the way back. I’m sure they will come in handy some day.