It’s been about 15 years, but I’m back on the horse again.


Sure, I’ve taken a ride here and there, but I haven’t owned a bicycle since my high school days in 1993, when our garage was robbed by some local no-do-gooders. By then I was driving. I’d gladly traded in summertime bike rides for cruising the streets with my homies.

And I never looked back. Why?

We walked more than anything when I lived around the University of Texas campus.


And running, as it has been since, became my exercise of choice.

(pic from running coach)

Storing a bike in my cracker-box apartments in New York City and Chicago? Not a priority. And to think, I lived right next to one of the country’s most famous bike paths along Lake Michigan.

Dan Burden)

Maybe I can recreate that scene here in Dallas, as we live close to White Rock Lake and its pretty extensive paths along the water.


I owe the idea to Erin, who has long been interested in taking to plunge back into the wacky world of bicycles. Until recently, I didn’t give it much thought. Then my knee gave out – no running for a couple of months gave me plenty of time to contemplate less offensive activities for my joints.

So, today is a new day. Came home from Richardson Bike Mart with my basic Trek 7100. It sits tall as you might imagine. Took the new ride this evening along my old running path, and I whizzed through it in no time while practicing my hand at traffic. I even wore a helmet; my how things have changed – wouldn’t have been caught dead in one during my younger, formative years.


This may just be the beginning of my rekindled affection for two-wheeled transport. Maybe in another 15 years, I’ll upgrade to the motor bike, like our neighbor with the sidecar and goggles for his four-legged friend.

Who knows. I’ll be sure to take pictures, so stay tuned…