Wished I had watched more of the live earth concerts over the weekend. I think Al and friends have the right idea, and all those environmentalists criticizing the excessive travel and damaging environmental practices in putting on such events aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

A good portion of people still don’t believe global warming is a problem. And the ones who need to talk and lead the movement are the younger, open-minded set – and they like music. And bands. Like the Pumpkins.


Granted, many people went to the shows just to say they did. Green is cool now, don’t you know? And many more went just for the concert experience. Even more tuned in or streamed it for such. So what – you couldn’t avoid the message no matter how loud that ring in your ears.

I didn’t watch much of it, as I stated earlier, but I wanted too. I have been talking green more this year than most, and I do believe events like this are a great way to get people to think about their small habits and help illustrate how small things add up on a global scale.

Erin has us rethinking our consumption in her consumption challenge this summer. She has uncovered a lot of tips for greener living; she has proven that we are way above average on our water consumption thus far.

Unfortunately, I am also above average in my carbon footprint scoring. Try yours here. Tallied up a an ECP score of 384 (US average is in like 320 I think). My carbon output is on par with Canada at 17 tons, slightly below the US average of 20.

I blame my score on all my air travel for work :). But no excuses will fix the planet.