It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately. With work and rain pouring in, our personal adventures have been a bit muted. Nothing blog-worthy.

My outlet of late has been the magic box, with all it’s flickering color and television greatness. But with summer here and re-runs in season, we’ve relied even more on HBO to relax the brain.

I love HBO originals. The Sopranos – which I’m ready to start again from season 1. Entourage – nice personal paradox of envy vs. relief that I’m not famous. Deadwood – awesomely grotesque within the setting of the archetypal freedom of the west. Rome – the most incredible history lesson ever. Curb Your Enthusiasm – hilarious and downright awkward, so much so you’ll want to turn it off at times. And there’s others that have their potential: Big Love – multiple wives = multiple problems. Flight of the Concordes – musical drama has come a long way since Cop Rock. John from Cincinati – should he be named Jesus?


But, how is it that The Wire, which may be my favorite of all the HBO series thus far, has escaped my TiVo?

Erin and I have churned through season 1 on DVD without blinking really; it was quite a ride. And now, in only 4 days, we’re 5 episodes into season 2. Equally compelling. From what I hear, it’s nothing compared to season 4!

And to think, season 5 will be it’s last – because no one watched. Me included.

Not the end of the world, but it’s a pity…

like way back when when the Moon Patrol video game ate my quarter at Twin Rivers arcade and discontinued my quest at finishing the high level. I never got back. At least I beat Double Dragon…


Or when I found out that Beastie Boys AND Rage Against The Machine canceled their appearance at the Tibetan Freedom Festival in Amsterdam while I was visiting. Bummer. At least I saw Tom York and Blur…


Or the other day when I raced home from work ready to go see Travis at the new House of Blues, only to find out the concert is JULY 25 – not June. Darn it. At least I have something to look forward to.

Like my remaining 3 seasons of The Wire. HBO greatness.