I love a good road trip. The freedom. The open road. The junk food and snacks. And the random sites… like this towering behemoth welcoming I-45 highway travelers to Huntsville, Texas.


I guess it’s better than an oversized electric chair acknowledging the area’s famous Texas jail. Stark white and shoulders above the forest trees, ol’ 67-foot-tall Sam Houston sure does grab your attention as you’re approaching at 70 mph. In good road trip fashion, we stopped by on a whim, on our way back to Dallas from the Texas gulf coast. We even saw a wild turkey off the exit.

It was a strange place full of eclectic Texas highway travelers. Highlights included a Texas-themed gift shop (with no Sam Houston-shaped magnets in case you’re wondering) and this Sam Houston head. I stood next to it for scale purposes.


Maybe someday my oversized head will be on display…