Still talking about the weather…

When it rains this much in Texas, it’s definitely worth talking about.

Another rainy weekend all over the state. Especially in north Texas, near the lake house. The lake and area are already saturated; add another 6 inches of rain in 12 hours, and the lake goes into flash flood mode:


Here’s the same lake view less than one year ago. Quite a difference one rainy spring makes. There was no water for the boat house back in 2006.


We were spending Father’s Day at this lake yesterday. My truck had to endure a 3/4-foot water crossing to get there. Apparently, that was just the beginning. Good thing we didn’t stay the night.

The lake house neighbor, maybe the greatest neighbor in the history of neighbors, trudged through the flooding waters to save the boat from certain destruction as the water level was exceeding the slack in the rope tied to the boat house. He tied it to the post instead, so it could freely float up as water levels increased. Luckily, the boat didn’t get crushed by the roof nor crush the resident baby birds and their mother, which make a home out of the rafters.