There’s nothing like sushi fresh off the “boat!”

My crazy week of business travel took me to the left coast in Oakland, CA. Our crew, including Meg and Tripp, had about 30 minutes before our meeting. We needed lunch. Luckily, we stumbled across this little sushi place. Granted, it seemed a little dusty from the outside, but some seats were filled. Good sign, right? So we pulled on up to the sushi bar.

And the sushi came to us…

What a great way to eat sushi – by conveyor belt. And this one was extra special, floating by on little boats. What could say “fresh” better?

For those who have not enjoyed this kind of sushi experience, let me bring it to life for you. I hope I do it justice. You’re sitting there as a range of rolls, sushi and sashimi float by. Survey – ponder – strike! When the urge hits you, simply reach out and grab it. Each plate is color coded to one of four different price levels. It’s that easy. You can always grab the sushi chef and request something custom, too.

The only other conveyor belt operation I’ve visited was in Hong Kong at a place called Dozo. We liked the sushi and the experience so much, we ate there twice.

Why hasn’t this conveyor belt operation caught on more? Turns lunch into greatness.