Enquiring minds want to know…

So, the rain continues in north Texas. Not in record setting numbers anymore, but it sure is wet around here.

Our plants are happy and growing like weeds. The rose bush exploded overnight, and tried to successfuly bar us from our garage. I won’t have it – that’s where I draw the line. Luckily, the rain stopped long enough today to clean up our act and get some yard work done.

This is the first day I’ve heard the cicadas out singing their summer song. That means it’s officially hot as heck and necessary to cut the grass weekly.

Tht also means an end to my weed experiment.

The official measurement: 7’5″.

I’m submitting it for the world record, though it seems like the Hogweed might have me beat. If nothing else, maybe I’ll string up this weed as a signal to others of its kind: you’re not welcome round here any more.