Ladies and gents, we’ve surpassed our 100th blog post. Meaningless threshold, yes, but I thought it worth noting as Life’s A Trip is my first venture into the world of blogging. (Erin is more of a pro – it’s her second). What started out as more of a novelty has turned into quite an enjoyable hobby for me. And hopefully enjoyable for you, too. We appreciate your clicks and comments and willingness to share in our adventures more than you realize.

A good portion of our wonderful readers are friends and family. But some of our newer readers stumble into our community via some eclectic internet searches. That’s one of the perks of seeing a website work from behind the curtain. In personal celebration of our 100th, here are a few of my favorites searches:

Search: “thousand year old eggs horse urine”
The thousand year old eggs are quite a regular draw for us on search engines, and apparently, it’s tough to find pictures. Glad we could oblige. (Just click on the China tag and scroll if you want to see them again.) This search stuck out because it reminded me how unappetizing the eggstravagance really is. (Couldn’t resist) It was the only thing at Yung Kee worth talking about, as the goose was underrated. You can barely see the remaining half egg in the upper corner.

Search: “guy with backpack at water park pissing”
Was hard to figure out how this one triggered our little humble site at first. Sure, the backpack was a big part of our adventures. Indeed, we’ve written about some water, but no water parks ring a bell. I sure don’t recall specifically writing about any of the latter part of this search phrase, though we did see some kids relieve themselves on the street… and in the water. Split pants are convenient, as illustrated here in Yangshuo, China.

However, the search actually links to our kayak adventure thanks to a funny comment using foreign lingo (click on the New Zealand, Travel tag to see it)

Search: “Life’s a trip TV show”

What a great idea!  Perhaps that’s next in our quest.  One day showing on a big screen like this one in Sydney during the Australian Open. We have instead updated our travel videos and will attempt to keep them fresh. Check them out!

Search: “life’s a trip you know”

If I didn’t know before, I know now. Just seeing skits at the Sichuan Opera is enough to pinch yourself and say “is this for real?”
Every step of the way, we saw some incredible stuff – and we’re trying to keep that same curious approach to everyday events back home. Life’s a trip doesn’t stop when vacation ends, you know?

Search: “dalla time zoon”
Perhaps I planned this with a purposeful typo when discussing the Taronga “Zoon” instead of zoo. Anticipating internet typos is apparently big business according to this Dallas Morning News article. However, while it steered someone here, I must admit the accident… and wonder what actual question was left unanswered. (Dallas Time Zone?)

Search: “erin finds michael in philly”

… and they lived happily ever after.

Again, not sure how this search drove the visit. We’ve never ventured to Philly, but we’ll get there eventually. There’s so much to see and so much to share. Every day is an adventure waiting to happen. Stay tuned.