Yes, as they’d say in the media, slow news days recently. But, that doesn’t mean our adventurous spirit’s waning. It’s just finding different outlets right now – more everyday and domestic. It’ll ramp up, just you wait.

Take yesterday for instance. It might sound like a chore to you, but our trip to the Dallas dump fit the bill as an adventure.

I love going to the dump. Reaks of community and all things municipal. It usually involves the completion of a project, and therefore a release and closure in itself. You drive in, pull up next to the appropriate pile,whether it be glass, plastic, paper or brush, and just unload. Or dump, case in point. Sometimes they’ll even do it for you! So when Mike asked if I’d help him with his mission, my dump truck and I jumped at the chance.

Wrong truck. One can wish. Here we go…

Mike has been collecting grass clippings and brush for several weeks, which have braved the multiple weeks of heavy rain. It’s safe to say the many heavy bags no longer contain grass clippings, but instead rancid, decomposed earthly matter. We both came away with sweat on the brow and “fertilizer” on our hands and clothes. All in the name of a good dump trip.

And away we went – with our new friends compost, stench and bugs in tow. When we arrived…

By a measly 15 minutes. Hmm. Disgust and disappointment followed soon by dilemma. Minds began racing. What do we do with the bountiful bags of poo? Choices included: 1. Break in and dump to our hearts content (illegally). 2. Find an unmanned dumpster at another location and dump away (illegally). 3. Unload back at Mike’s house and wait to re-dump another day. The “responsible adult” won – we unloaded the muddy mess back where they came from.

And we found a freeloader.

Ok, I embellish… here’s the star! A little garden snake.


Unlike the late Steve Irwin, we kept our distance and washed our friend out of the truck bed with a steady stream of hose water. But not before watching him in his unnatural habitat.

I believe garden snakes like this are good omens, and sure enough, we returned him home safely. So, our next dump truck adventure is sure to be successful. In the meantime, I think it’s time for Mike to start mulching.

Hope everyone had an adventurous weekend.