Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. He rolls into New York City and rolls out the same day. He’s got, you know, “meetings” with important people about important things. He means business. He’s big time.

Yesterday, he was me.

Another week and a different coast. My business travel has picked up recently. This time it was New York City, my home for almost two years and one of the truly unique places in the world. I love New York. Really, it’s not just cliche. Even better, I love visiting New York. This trip was my first in-and-out, same day boomerang.

So, I did my best to channel the persona of a “big time” business guy.
(please suspend your disbelief; all in good fun).

It all started at 6:00am. Dressing for success, I broke out my suit. Ditched the tie, though, because that’s the way I roll. Watch out Sartorialist – here I come. Big time.

Checked in First Class – is there any other way for big timers to travel? (Yeah, not going to pretend it’s typical, but works well into my one-day big timer experience. Gotta love last minute business trips with full fare automatic upgrades.) Did my best big time business consultant impression:

The midday sky was clear for our approach into LGA. Perfect view of Manhattan from above, which I still think is the most impressive sight going in air travel – stirred my inner Iacocca. A sensation somewhat like Dwight and his sales ritual from The Office

Arrived in midtown right on time for meeting #1.

From one conference room to another, rolled on to meeting #2 an hour later just up Madison. Our hosts had a cool lobby and a nice conference room view. They are big time.

Hopped into the car and headed off to Newark. Took the Sopranos route to Jersey from midtown. This is what Radio City Music Hall looks like when you’re moving at the speed of the city. Going big time.

Got to the airport and relaxed over a brew. Regional favorite – taste of the big time.

Boarded our flight and contemplated my fellow biz traveler’s relaxation technique: Remove dress shoes and prop your feet up high above head level off the bulk head. For all to enjoy. Nice work. Clearly, he really does think he’s big time.

Pulled in around midnight. It’s hard work trying to be big time. Back to being me. Bed time.