I’ve never thought about what a sister city is supposed to mean. Walking through O’Hare airport in Chicago, seeing little murals and flags celebrating Amman, Jordan and other international cities which figuratively hold hands with Chicago. I always thought it was a tourism effort or feel-good fluff. Apparently it’s more of a PR and diplomacy effort than I realized. As you know, I feel like international travel and connection provides invaluable perspective personally. Same principal should apply on a muni level too, right? I like the idea; need to look more into the execution. Check out sister cities international.

LA is sister to Taipei, Taiwan (among others)


Austin tiene Saltillo, Mexico (con otras)


Las Vegas got hitched to Angeles City, Philipines (maybe not a good way for me to talk about your sis)


Do you know your sister city?

Got me thinking: Blog bros – where is our international weblog community partner?

Perhaps here is a good place to start?