Our recent adventure included a complete spectrum of terrain and temperatures. We wanted to prepare ourselves as much as possible by researching and anticipating travel supplies, but we knew there’d be some learnings along the way. In case you’re packing for your summer vacation, here are some surprises and some delights, looking back.

Personal use:

    – Ear plugs are must haves for airplane snoozing, hostel sleeping and if you have a spouse that snores (yes, I’m apparently a little loud). Small and light-weight, you can’t bring enough as you’ll inevitably lose some.


    Surprisingly useless:
    – Eye covers: yeah, they keep light out, but having something strapped to my face keep me awake. Minimal harm, though, as they take no space.

    Surprisingly useful:
    – Erin brought a couple of packs of soap-imbedded tissues called Dove Daily Facial wipes. I scoffed until I was stuck in Tokyo International following our 14-hour plane ride with a yearning to wash up. They pack dry, unlike other soapy wipes, with makes them lightweight and easy to access. Just add water and you’ve got instant suds. Great for traveling places like China where sanitized bathrooms and space are hard to come by.


    More takes:
    First aid kit – yeah, a little bulky, but priceless for blister repairs and peace of mind.
    Antibiotic – traveling means sharing space and germs. Bring a prescription for the road – or go eeney, meeney miney moe in the china pharmacy.
    Sleeping aid – anything extra to make you drowsy makes your transporation time a dream.

    Leave at home:
    Razor and shaving cream – embrace your inner mountain person

    Check back for tips on hardware and apparel – coming soon.