Silly Goat

Originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Texas Mike here. That’s the exclamation that made me turn around the car. Erin and I were in route to Lake K in North Texas for my family’s mother’s day celebration. Rolling past a farm at 60 mph, we caught a glimpse of a goat hanging by its head – feet off the ground, neck through the top of a wire fence. No doubt, it was going for that tempting green shrub just outside the property.

I’m ashamed to say, I was likely to keep driving. It didn’t look hurt to me. But Erin, my better moral half and surrogate mother to farm animals everywhere, came to the rescue. We turned around, and went door to door trying to find the farmers. (We didn’t have wire cutters). Erin found the right farmers and pointed out the goat in distress. Good to know even now that Erin is a big radio star, she’s still grounded. I’m proud of her, and I’m sure Jackie and Norman from the New Zealand farmstay are too. Happy mother’s day.