OK so he didn’t say that exactly, but since when did visiting Cingular become like shopping with a sleazy car dealer?

I spent over two hours today in the Cingular store, and I’ve never seen so many dissatisfied customers. They are woefully understaffed, or maybe improperly staffed is more accurate, because there were two guys sitting at computers not helping anyone who repeatedly had to explain that they could only help people with their AT&T home phone and internet questions. Who goes to Cingular for help with their home phone bill? None of the 6 or 7 people in line behind me, that’s for sure.

I took this very photo with the phone I bought, in between waiting on this guy to switch the area codes, punch the SIM cards, check with his boss to see if he could give me the upgrade price on both mine and Michael’s phones despite the month or so left ’til we’re elgible. That’s one of the things that seemed car shopping-esque. Phones with different prices depending on this or that. Plans that you might be able to shave a buck off of if you have the right corporate wizard code. Hard upsell on the bluetooth package. Yes, now Michael and I can walk around with a plastic tchotchke protruding from one ear.

The camera should be cool, 1.3 megapixels.