Chicago Rooftop

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Texas Mike remembering when…

Erin uploaded a bunch of older photos to the flickr account recently. Everything from old apartment pics to vacations. And there were many a Chicago picture to contemplate.

I remember May in Chicago so well. By the time April ended, we were just plain sick and tired of the dark, short and frigid days that make Chicago winters so notorious. Where’s spring? Sure, there’d be a day here and there where the temperature would rise into the 70’s. But it was just a tease – a mean, ugly kick-me-while-I’m-down reality check of what we’re missing elsewhere. Sure enough, May would creep along, and more of the same. My box of warm-weather apparel collecting dust in the closet. Some of the coldest days I can remember were mid-May: baseball at Wrigley Field, on a river cruise with my parents over Mother’s Day and trekking through Lincoln Park Zoo.

Not to state the obvious, but I’ve long retired the winter wear here in Dallas for the season. Don’t worry Chicago, yours is coming; I know you’ll celebrate heartily during your precious months of relief with summer hours, street festivals and fun around the lake. And you’ll have the last laugh come July as we’re sweating the triple digit temperatures.