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Texas Mike

Want to walk in someone else’s shoes, AND have something to show for it? Sounds pretty good, I know.

I don’t think I’d ever pondered estate sales until I met Erin. She told me interesting tales of exploring Amarillo and ducking into houses of treasure on Saturday mornings with her mom. She spoke of great deals, must-have-merchandise, interesting people, awkward neighbor run-ins, great gambles (“buy now or wait until noon for 50% off) and those unsightly fake estate sales (how do those people sleep at night?). Weekend drama at its best.

Sure enough, I got roped-in here in Dallas. At first it was about heavy lifting and my truck. Then, QT with the wife. And now, I’ve admittedly just got to see some of this stuff to believe it.

I find the whole phenomenon quite interesting. I love how the whole event is so hands-on and down-to-earth. No strange internet sites, questionable bidding, cover charges, secret locations, invite-only socialite crap. It’s so simple (just show up and dig around). And yet, it’s so invasive at the same time. Forget that exercise of writing your own obituary for grounding; imagine droves of strangers strutting through your house, handling your goodies, and asking themselves: who are these people, where did they get this stuff, why the heck would any one want this and much less sell it? Let it sink in.. Scared?

This weekend we hit a very interesting estate sale; Erin had already scouted the location – I just came along for the mission. These folks were/are world travelers, and the house was overrun with trinkets, art, clothes, knick-knacks, books and much more from all over the globe. I saw evidence of India, Asia, Africa, Mexico and Canada – and several places domestically. And we’re not talking pressed pennies, commemorative spoons and shell necklaces, here. Some good stuff like full-size wooden warrior carvings, original paintings, and weapons – lots of weapons. As you can see from the pic, Mike snagged an engraved metal shield from India to go along with his Asian katana sword. Erin scored a couple of wooden sconces (polynesian, we think) and a sculpted head. And even better – 50% off. We even waited in line for this bounty, if that tells you anything.
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