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Japanese Routeburn Pics 071, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

(Texas Mike)

That’s right, check out that couple strolling over the bridge. The handsome, bearded tramper… followed closely by that dashing, sleek adventurer.

This was on the final day of the treck. And one of the final bridges. At this point, I was gladly looking ahead past the swinging bridges and streams and valleys, imaging the comforts of Queenstown. Legs dragging, dogs barking, clothes smelling. Where can a guy get a cold Mac’s beer? (Foreshadowing, for those of you who haven’t checked out the photo stream).

One of our fellow Japanese hikers had quite the photography set-up. I swear, you couldn’t have paid me to haul the multiple lenses, batteries, flashes, etc… much less, the camera itself around my neck! Luckily, we all get to share the fruits of his labor. He set up along the route to capture the hike in action. To our surprise, we received a CD of all his Routeburn and Queenstown photographic gems not long after our return to the US.