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View over Wellington, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Texas Mike

I took a quick trip to San Fran Thursday night for work.  Spent one short night in one of the world’s finest destinations.  It was a memory jog, and all it took was that brisk 15-minute walk through Chinatown and that 50-minute round trip taxi ride to SFO airport.  The real world has kept my mind from wandering back to the greatness of our big adventure.  Kind of surprising, really, how I’ve allowed everyday life to again consume my consciousness. 

Seeing San Fran again took me right back to Wellington, NZ.  The vibe of the towns and the physical similarities are stunning between the two.  Imagine the view pictured above with only a few more highrises and a red bridge in the background.  The resemblence is amazing.  It’s really a compliment to both places, which I plan to enjoy again soon.

We’re loading a bunch more of our pictures and movies – stay tuned and take a trip back with me.