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popping off the chair rail, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

The house, that’s what happened. Starting a couple weeks ago I embarked on a home improvement journey. Really it was only a room improvement journey, but it felt like a house and a half.

My mom and I spent the better part of a few days dealing with a wall that had mirrors covering wallpaper. All I wanted was for it to look like the other three walls. Was that so much to ask?

We thought we could take down the mirrors ourselves. The mirrors wouldn’t budge. Not wanting to sever a major artery I hired a couple guys to do it. They used large suction cups with handles.

That uncovered some lovely flocked wallpaper with huge black adhesive marks. We scraped the wall, textured it with with the sand stuff to match the other walls, and painted it. After photos to follow as soon as I figure out how to fix up the hardwood floors.