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(Texas Mike)

Now that we’re back and have had some time to reflect, Erin and I have decided to generate our own “Best Of” list to summarize our big adventure. If you have any particular Best Of inquiries, fire away. First up: Best American Refuge.

A few times while feeling weary on the journey, we really needed that undeniable comfort of home. Our vote was unanimous on this one. Our “Pie In The Sky” award goes to Pizza Hut in Xiamen, China.

Xiamen was not the most welcoming of cities we visited. But this Pizza Hut melted our hearts. Twice. That’s right, this penthouse level restaurant in the ocean-side, 27-story building lured us in for two straight evening feasts. An incredible 180-degree view and quite possibly the best Pizza Hut “American” pan pizza makes this my new benchmark in quick serve restaurants.

Now if only the USA version will catch on.