(Texas Mike)

Why is it we always explore the places we live last? I heard it over and over again on our travels, as we’d meet people from places we had visited at one point or another. Simply making conversation, mention a site here, museum there, place of interest from that person’s home town. They’d nod, and awkwardly admit they hadn’t taken to the time to see it… yet. Yet… I know it well. Unfortunately I still live by “yet.” You should have witnessed the marathon month of tourist to-do’s we accomplished in New York before moving away. A similar situation in Chicago. And now that we’re in Dallas, I see myself trapped in that same mindset.

Break the cycle, people. (I’m talking to myself, too). With this blog as my witness, I’m taking that adventurous spirit to my hometown of Big-D. So much to see; so much to do; so much to share.

Can you believe I grew up here and never went to the Southfork Ranch? Well, I’m checking out the the setting for the tv series and the “world’s most famous ranch” tomorrow. (yeah, it’s a work function, but hey… baby steps right?)