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Sydney Opera House 2, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Like every other tourist in Sydney, we spent a good amount of time looking at the Opera House. We also took a short tour and were fortunate to see a performance there. Not knowing much about opera, we decided on a more easily understood show called the “Lost and Found Orchestra” by the same group that did “Stomp.”

Michael summoned his inner artiste by asking, “Won’t this just be banging on trash?”

Indeed it was banging on trash, but I think some of the odds and ends might have been real instruments disguised by ordinary items like funnels and orange traffic cones. Also, it probably sounded better than trash-banging in other less acoustically perfect concert halls.

One interesting note — the conical roof parts are not the tops of the stages, but rather just an outer shell. The Opera House and the Concert Hall and the other stages are built within the outside structure and are constructed entirely of wood, so that no amplification is needed during performances.