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(by Texas Mike)

You know you’re sporting a bad tourist T when even the nice old lady on a scenic train in New Zealand makes a joke at your expense.

“So, did you now?”

Yes, I did climb the Great Wall. I assume that’s what the Chinese characters say as well – could be something dirty, though, for all I know. What she didn’t know was that this simple T-shirt was actually a cultural exchange between me and the local peddler who hiked with us along the crumbling wall for 3 hours, guiding us safely to the promised land. And all he wanted in return was my patronage from small selection of souvenirs, including just one XL T-shirt.

But, hey, I do like the T-shirt. No matter what you or any old lady says. And I’ll raise the question to the group: Do you have a tourist T that’s worse? I want to know.