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Picture 133, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Just kidding! But we did visit the next best place — the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch NZ. The U.S. runs a lot of its Antarctic operations from Christchurch. This photo shows one of the U.S. military planes with skis that takes people and supplies from Christchurch down to one of the bases a few times a week during the warmer season. The South Pole station is so cold right now that the plane just drops supplies over it. How miserable.

In Christchurch there’s a museum attraction with a lot of good info and a weird ride in a jeep-like vehicle over a dirt obstacle course meant to simulate ice crevasses. We did this, but really seeing this plane was the best part of this stop. We did that for free. I asked a guy in the Avis rent-a-car across the street from the museum if we could walk behind the warehouse to look through the chain link fence that bordered this plane parking lot.

There are some weird photos in this set of disabled penguins they keep at the Centre. One is missing an eye and one has a torn flipper etc. as they do not want to take good ones out of the wild.

Visiting this museum really raised more questions than it answered for me. So there’s a bar on Antarctica… who mans it? I suppose it’s good I have found this faster internet connection.