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(by Texas Mike)

Yeah, we had a good ol’ kiwi barbecue for Christmas. And lamb was on the grill. Not just lamb mind you, but the whole lamb! And apparently, Canterbury lamb is quite the delicacy in this country and as an export to the UK. Canterbury is the eastern coastal region around Christchurch, and we were lucky to have it brought up to the north-western coast of Nelson for a big Christmas feast. This animal was raised by Nick (shown here, the one not being grilled) and chosen from his flock for our culinary delight. Nick is the bro-in-law of our hosts; our hostel organized the meal for us and the thirty other travelers without a home this holiday. Good thing too – Nelson actually closes down on Christmas and Boxing Day (the 26th), leaving us with no meal options other than Subway. (Leave it to the American QSR to serve on holiday! That’s dedication to the bottom line)

So, we sat down to a holiday meal in true international fashion, sharing stories and smiles with other travelers from Wales, England, Holland, Canada, Japan and Australia. They say hello.

Hope you had a happy Christmas too. Looking forward to getting back to tradition next year, as we missed y’all and our family meals much.