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Kowloon building, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Greetings from the Taiwan Beef Noodle internet terminal in the Hong Kong airport. We are en route to Auckland. I am enjoying what is likely my last Tsingtao for awhile. My beer came with 30 free minutes in that oasis called cyberspace.

This photo shows the building in which our Hong Kong tailor has an office. It’s called Mirador Mansion, and it’s right next to Chungking Mansion. They look very similar. Not sure why they are called mansions. They are buildings that cover entire blocks in Kowloon and are very unsafe with many stairwells and nooks. “Bring your own smoke detector” was the guidebook advice for people staying in these places.

Check the wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chungking_Mansions

Our guidebook also mentions a movie called Chungking Express, which I will need to rent when I get home. Here are some others on my list:

Hero – everyone in Xian is proud of this, the director is from there.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – seen it already, but now have seen the village also. Like so many movie locations, sort of underwhelming in person.
Lost in Translation – OK so it was Japan and not China. I saw this one too but think it might have new relevance for me.
Weeping Camel – This was filmed in Mongolia. No we didn’t go there (thank goodness) but I talked with a couple German girls at the hostel bar in Xian who did this trek. We discussed the movie and I think I have to see it again. They stayed in tents with real Mongolians, with fires in the middle because it’s so cold.

Other suggestions? Feel free to comment.