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Texas Mike from Hong Kong.

We’ve seen some incredible things during our few weeks in China, and we felt it might be nice to recap a bit as we exit the country. Our chosen subject: street vendors. They are a big part of daily life here in China; if it’s crossed your mind to buy it, they’re selling it. Our top ten list starts here. Enjoy.

No. 10: Silky smooth operator
Want proof that your garment or bedding is of the freshest silk available? How about a pile of homeless and dying silk worms on a piece of wood. It was amazing (and slightly disturbing) to see the silk
master of Yangshuo pulling apart the simple silken cocoons one-by-one in a barrel of water. Now that’s fresh silk. No pictures allowed! The silk just piled up, ready for stuffing and weaving – how about a comforter for Christmas?

No. 9: Sweet! Potato fueling station
Nothing says snacking on the go like an old oil drum topped with piping hot, golden sweet potatoes. They are popular across the country as a quick, cheap snack, usually en tow on bicycle. And boy do they smell good. If we could just do something about the visual presentation, they’d be sure to explode onto the scene in the states.

No. 8: Smelly feet have feelings too
Acupressure is a Chinese art – and readily available anywhere and everywhere feet may roam. Pull on up and remove those sweaty hiking boots and three-day-old socks. These magicians can affect every part of the body via strategically assigned pressure points. Honestly, as much as I like the art, I don’t envy the reality of
this expertise…

No. 7: Hold my birds, pay me money (see pic above)
Popular tourist opportunity in Yangshuo is to experience night time cormorant fishing – where the fisherman actually uses the swimming birds to catch fish from the river. And for a day job, those same tourists can pose with the fisherman’s snoozing flock! A measly 2 yuan, and worth every second. Bird flu is for suckers.

No. 6: Bees in a bucket
Nothing adds to the buzz of a packed-in, high-traffic, crowded market area like the fresh honey stall in Yangshuo. They’ve got the cloud of whirling bees to prove it! The street side bee master extracts the
drippy goodness right from the honey comb into a convenient plastic funnel – no bee keeper net insurance here. Sure, those chinese bees don’t mind one bit.

And for some manufactured blog suspense, Part 2 is
coming next time. Hope y’all are well. Sell on.