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This photo looks fake, doesn’t it?

I don’t have long to write, because I’m in the big city. Things to do, people to see. Mainly, things to buy. That’s what people do here.

I love Hong Kong. We are having a fantastic time. Our hotel makes me feel like a rock star. I never thought I needed high class service, but now I think I might like that. Maybe it’s because we’ve been in such hard places up ’til now, but when the bell captain who speaks three languages and wears a nice hat apologizes for the taxi that honked too loud at me, he’s making up for all the foulness we’ve seen elsewhere in China.

But then again this really isn’t China.

We watched the light show over the city skyline from Kowloon last night, and today we did a few walking tours. I find it so interesting that the Chinese thought they were ceding a useless mountain island to the British in the 1840s. To think what it’s become! If New York smoked Opium, it would become Hong Kong.

One of today’s many highlights was our visit to the tailor in Kowloon. We met a well-dressed Canadian in a Beijing McDonalds who referred us to this particular place. Michael ordered a couple shirts and I ordered a silk brocade Chinese-y shirt! I will post photos of that soon. Custom clothes, for the rock star I am.