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Enjoying Pizza in Yangshuo, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

Texas Mike reporting.

Our road through China has been extremely interesting and challenging thus far. And now we find ourselves in Yangshuo, off the beautiful Li River, nestled within many a limestone peak. Incredibly beautiful to say the least. No wonder Yangshuo has become a tourist destination for the Chinese first and foremost.

This has been a welcome relief for a few days. It’s made for tourists, and the whole town speaks the universal language of convenience, indulgence and relaxation. It is a cluster of hotels and hostels, souvenir shops, local artisans, restaurants of every kind (including tasty pizza, I’m pleased to say), bars and night clubs. And there’s english every step of the way. As a bonus, good portion of the town
restricts use of those crazy bicycles, three-wheeled motorcycle contraptions and other unique motorized transport – no honking, no dodging, no worry.

But like any good vacation spot, we get our cake and eat it too. Just outside tourism-central, flows the Li River and a fishing culture still very much alive today as it has been for generations.

Off to Xiamen tomorrow.