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Eating Yak Pie, originally uploaded by espeedy123.

In front of that pie are some nasty tiny “special root vegetables” that looked like bugs. Behind the pie is some milk tea. I enjoyed this meal about as much as my face indicates here.

This is traditional Tibetan fare we experienced in Chendu China, Sichuan Province. This area is the gateway to Tibet.

What this picture doesn’t show is that at the next table there was a guy getting his ear cleaned out by a street merchant with some long probes. At the very same table the mom was chewing up her yak stew and spitting it into the mouth of her toddler like a momma bird.

I was about to stop, but let me just mention that I found about 5 hairs in this Tibetan Yak pie. Michael keeps saying they’re yak hairs and not to worry, but I think they might be people hairs. I am pretty tough and don’t complain about a hair usually, but FIVE?!?!? Pass the immodium.