This blog is suffering from IT issues. No, it’s not WordPress. It’s this creaky beeping cordbound laptop that for years has been gathering dust in my closet. It seems to work OK for text, just not images, so words will have to do for now.

It didn’t have to be this way — I could be working on a powerful snazzy Mac. We own one, but for some reason right around my departure from work (and release of my work laptop), the Mac stopped powering up. I lugged it to the Genius Bar at the Mac store in the mall, and a guy with Genius on his tee had no better explanation than it has something to do with power, and that they couldn’t fix it. Why can’t an Apple store fix an Apple computer? “Because it’s nearly half a decade old.” No joke, that’s what the guy said.

Anyway, until I figure out how to post another image, check out the arrival instructions from where we’re staying in Beijing. I’m excited to stay at a place fit for presidents.